Reactie van Helen Clarke

Reactie van Helen Clarke

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Dear John,

Thank you for your message of condolences.
I remember well Ron sending the books to you and he was delighted to do so.
Our 2 sons have been a great comfort to me (we lost our daughter to breast cancer 5 years ago).
The last day before Ron was admitted to hospital was to finish another book (on his fathers family Clarke coming to Australia from Ireland in 1841)
Our son Marcus is going to publish it.  Ron also did a 2 hour interview for a documentary on Franz Stampfl (Bannisters coach) who coached Ron for a year or so in the late 50’s just before we were married.

I really don’t know how Ron had the strength to do all this as he passed away 5 days later.
I have been privileged to have shared an exciting and wonderful life with him.

Best wishes to you and the club