Reactie na contact met levende legende Ron Clarke

Reactie na contact met levende legende Ron Clarke

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Thank you for your best wishes for my 75th birthday next month.
Currently, as you would be aware, I am completing my second and last four year term as Mayor of the Gold Coast.
Ron Clarke in his final year of international competition, 1970It is a full time plus occupation which encompasses both many ceremonial and administrative functions. At this stage I am considering contesting the coming elections for the State parliament as an independent candidate but the electorate may believe I am a little old for the post.  Still, for me, it is just another challenge and if I do not step up now, it will be my last opportunity to participate in community affairs about which I am so passionate. As you say, I was a great admirer of Emile Zatopek and cherished (and was privileged) his friendship.  He was a wonderful character and a great inspiration for athletes throughout the world from every nation.
Ron Clarke in 1968Certainly, he was the most respected and popular athlete in my time. The most special part of my career was the opportunity it gave me to meet, and compete against, such a wide range of people from so many different nations. Win or lose, I treasured every moment.  I loved to train with my friends, and I enjoyed the pain derived from pushing your body to past its physical limits in both training, and competition.  I trained (or competed then trained) every day for seven successive years.  I figured if you had to eat, sleep, and drink every day, then so should you exercise.  I enjoyed it all so much I never had to “ease off” to give my mind and body a break…..why should this be necessary.

What I have done is send to you by air mail some of my books for your English speaking members.  I hope these can be passed around and enjoyed by the majority of them.
Where should I address the package?

Best wishes and thanks again for your best wishes,


Ron Clarke.

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke.









januari 31, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Mooie reactie terug.
Nu de vraag: over welke boeken heeft hij het eigenlijk, zelf geschreven?



februari 1, 2012 at 3:53 pm

Ron Clarke heeft na zijn actieve sportcarriere meerdere boeken geschreven over deze episode uit zijn leven. Over zijn trainingsschema’s en specifieke omstandigheden, wedstrijden, toernooien als o.a. de Olympische Spelen, mentale aspecten, etcetera. etcetera.
Ik meen dat hij maar liefst 9 boeken (zelf) geschreven heeft. Voorwaar een prachtig gebaar dat hij daarvan een aantal exemplaren gesigneerd en al opstuurt naar onze vereniging. .


Ruud Verhoef

februari 7, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Heel bijzonder en heel leuk om eens te horen van de levende legende Ron Clarke!
Mooie actie John om eens een keer contact te leggen.
Ben benieuwd naar de boeken, houd me aanbevolen, deze ook te lezen.